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Domain Tips

What is Domain?
Domain is the name of your website, for example www.google.com. All free hosting website will have default name as username.freesite2you.com. But to enable you to have a professional website, we provide domain registration.
How to Register Domain
You can choose either Free or Top-level domain or Both. Just type your needed domain name and check the availablity of your domain. When you click submit, a new page opens and you need to register your account to get your domain. Remember, that registeration is for domain alone and to get your free hosting, you need to complete "Step 2" in this page.
About Free Domain
If you prefer to build your site professional and do not wish to pay anything, you can choose the free domain for your website. You will get www.yourwebsite.cu.cc. The thing to note here is that, you will get only "CU.CC" as your website extension. If you want .COM / .NET / .ORG as your website extensions, you can choose Top-level Domain.
About Top-level Domain
If you wish to create a website which is more professional, you can go for Top-level domain. You will get www.yourwebsite.com or any other extension which you choose. We offer many promos to build your professional site with much cheaper. Check our promo to register your top-level domain at cheapest rate.

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Hosting Tips

What is Hosting
Hosting is the space where your web contents will be stored. FreeSite2You offers free hosting so that, you can have your contents published in internet for free. The awesome feature of FreeSite2You is that, your website will be 100% professional and braded.
How to Register Free Hosting?
Just fill the form in the left and click "Register". An activation mail will be mailed to your entered mail id. Once you click the link, your hosting account will be activated instantly. Then go to "Step 3" and edit your website.
What is Script Install?
Script installer is the easy way of installing your desired content management/ online scripts like Wordpress, Joomla, Forums, E-commerce etc,. You can choose what script to be installed with your website so that you can easily manage your website. The choosen script will be automatically installed in your hosting account. If you wish not to install any script and want to use your own web template, then choose "No Script" in the list.
Our Awesome Features
  • No ads, no banners in your website. 100% Yours.
  • Unlimited Disc space and Bandwidth.
  • Unlimited Add-on, sub domain.
  • Free FTP, Site builder, Script Installer.
  • Free E-mail like yourname@yourwebsite.com
    "We are the only Free Hosting site providing all these features free of cost...!"
  • Update Nameserver Details

    To update nameserver, Login to the Domain Account and do the below instruction:
    Login to your domain account    Account Settings    Nameserver

    Change the Nameservers as:

    Add your Domain with your Hosting

    After updating the nameserver, you need to Add you domain in your cpanel.
    Login to your Hosting Cpanel below.

    Lost your password?

    To Add domain in Cpanel:-  Domains    Addon Domains    Enter your domain and click "Add Domain".

    Website Editing Tips

    How to Update Nameserver?
    Nameservers are used to link your domain with hosting acoount. After finishing Step 1 and Step 2, you need to update the nameserver details in your Domain Account. To update the nameserver details, first you need to login to your domain account.

    Free Domain : Click Here to Login | Top-level Domain: Click Here to Login
    Or If you wish to use your own registered Top-level domain, then login to that domain account.

    After login, update the nameserver as given in the left.
    How to Add Domain to Hosting?
    By default, when you create your hosting account, you will have "www.yourwebsite.freesite2you.com" as you domain name, this is called as sub-domain. To make your website more professional, we provide free domain. Or you can also register a new top-level domain Or you can use your already registered any top-level domain with your free hosting account. To do so, you need to Add your domain with your hosting account. The added domain is called Addon-Domain.
    Login to your hosting Cpanel by using the form on left and Add your domain in your cpanel.
    What is Cpanel?
    Cpanel is the Control Panel of your hosting account. In your Cpanel, you can edit your website using online file manager or Site-builder or by using script installer.
    Login to Cpanel
    The username & password will be sent to your registered mail id. The username starts with "Site4_ " and Password is the password you entered at time of registration.
    What is Domain Cpanel?
    Domain Cpanel is the control panel of your domain. The domain Cpanel is used to change DNS settings, etc,. If you have registered your domain with us, you can login to the Domain Cpanel using the link below. If you are using your already registered domain (registered with other domain sites other than freesite2you.com), then you should go to your registar website to login to your domain account to change any settings.

    To login to domain cpanel registered with freesite2you.com
    Free Domain : Click Here to Login | Top-level Domain: Click Here to Login
    Editing options
    If you have updated your Nameserver details and also added your domain in your Cpanel, your website will be up in online (Some time server update may take 48 hours). Now you can edit your website and publish your contents online. Freesite2you provides the following editing features:
  •   Online File Manager.
  •   FTP for language (HTML, PHP..) based online editing.
  •   Site-builder for drag and drop editing.
  •   Script installer to install Wordpress, E-commerce, Joomla, Forum, etc,.
    All these facilities are available in your Hosting Cpanel.
  • Our Awesome Features

    No Ads! No Banners!

    Free hosting without any Ads or banners. Your website will be 100% yours. Make your website more professional and branded.

    Free Domain

    Free Top-level like domain with free hosting account. You can also register a Top-level domain and use it. Also you can use your already registered domain, if any.

    All Unlimited

    Get unlimited disc space and unlimited bandwidth with your free hosting account. There is no limit on how many Addon, Sub-domain you use with your free hosting.


    Free Cpanel to manage your free website. Free File Transfer Protocol(FTP) for accessing your files anywhere anytime. Also free FTP softwares.

    Free Email

    Get your own professional E-mail for free. Create "yourname@yourwebsite.com" and make your website more branded with FreeSite2You.

    Easy Website Edit

    We provide all needed options to edit your website easily. Use can use FTP Or Site-builder Or Script Installer. All in one Cpanel.